Marketing Your Event – Chapter 5: Post Event

Templates, Examples and Tips to Introduce Your Guest to Mobile Bidding

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Post-event contact with guests

After your event, you may want to contact your guests to invite them to bid or make purchases in a post-event flash sale, contact them about an outstanding balance, thank them, update them on the success of your event, and ask them to save the date for your next event. You can do this through your own mailing list or e-blast system, or through your GiveSmart site. If you would like assistance with sending out such messages through your site, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

Post-event flash sales can go by many names and work in a few different ways. If you have items that did not sell on event night, you can discount the opening bids and send out an e-blast to guests to bid on the items in a certain time frame. You can also change these items over to on sale items, and have guests purchase them instead of bidding on them. With flash sales, communicating with your guests through your GiveSmart site is the best option to be able to include personalized links to make bidding or purchases on the site easily accessible. Changing your homepage and creating one category for the post-event sale is always a great idea to ensure that guests do not get confused about what is available in the flash sale.

Thank You’s and Save-The-Dates can be sent out in e-blast form, or put up on your site to prepare for next year’s event. These can also accompany any post-event sale, or outstanding balance contact.

Template: Post-event language

Template 1: Outstanding balances

Many thanks for your generous participation in [your event] auction! We appreciate your support and attendance. We have on record that you have an outstanding balance; please use the self checkout link link above to enter in your credit card information to pay for your balance.

If you prefer to pay by alternate method, or have any questions, please contact [contact name] at [contact information].

Thanks again and we hope to see you again next year!
[Your organization]

Template 2: Thank you, Save the date, Success of event

Many thanks for your generous participation in [your event] auction! We greatly appreciate your attendance and support of [your organization]. Because of you, we were able to raise [amount of dollars] supporting [your cause]!

We hope to see you again next year at [date & time] to help us with our cause. We wish you a fantastic year and wish you all the best!

Most sincerely,
[Your organization]

Template 3: Flash sale

Many thanks for your generous participation in [your event] auction! We have exciting news – the bidding fun will continue with our Flash Sale!

Click the link above to view our items that are available at a discounted price and will be open for bidding OR on sale
from [date to date]. After the Flash Sale’s close on [date] items will be available for pick up at [place and time].

These deals won’t last long, so make sure to check them out! If you have any questions about the Flash Sale or anything regarding this year’s auction, please contact [contact name] at [contact information].

Thanks again and happy bidding!
[Your organization]