How does GiveSmart stack up against Classy?

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There are many technologies out there to support nonprofits, schools, and associations. Some don’t have auction capabilities, guest management, or CRM features to best support your goals.  

GiveSmart is the built-to-grow fundraising and donor management solution that can do it all. When compared to Classy, there are some key differences that you should consider when deciding which solution will work best for your nonprofit, school, or association and your donors. 

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GiveSmart Features for Success 

Some of our highest impact, easy-to-use features are included in every GiveSmart plan with standard pricing no matter if you're raising $1 or $1 million.   

If you want to host more than one fundraiser at a time, operate without limits to how many you can have per year and without extra (and surprise) fees—Classy wouldn’t work for you. Even at the highest tier, there are additional costs to get the features equal to those offered by GiveSmart.   

GiveSmart fundraising plans offer:  

  • Unlimited users/admins 
  • Robust knowledge base 
  • Dozens of included integrations 
  • Connected, supporter communications (text, email, messaging) 
  • Item management 
  • Gamification and included “out of the box” features 
  • Guest management (seating management, custom questions) 
  • In-kind giving 
  • Regular, dependable support regardless your chosen plan 

" ... we were looking for a product that would help us streamline online donations, make it easier to people to donate from their phones, and set up fundraisers on their own. Looked into Classy and Blackbaud's peer-to-peer products. Went with GiveSmart because they offered the same services without a transaction fee for each donation...”

Auctions, Mobile Bidding, Event Guest Management, and Donor Management

GiveSmart’s full suite of features doesn’t require multiple add-ons to support your mission and goals.

Our straightforward plans are designed with the modern nonprofit in mind, without the need, and cost, of constant à la carte add-ons and hidden fees.
Our auction and mobile bidding tools feature easy-to-use item procurement, an engaging leaderboard, easy-to-surf auction campaigns, contactless check-out, and more.
Our Donor CRM offers an easy-to-use, donor-centered solution that moves your mission forward.

Classy’s hefty price tag can balloon even more depending on features used – like auctions, the amount raised, users, donation size, and more. For similar, easy-to-use features at a set price, GiveSmart is the award-winning choice.

GiveSmart Integrations

Nonprofits and schools depend on data integrity within their CRM. Classy offers limited CRM integrations.   

GiveSmart offers our own modern, easy-to-use Donor CRM, saving your team time and effort. With us, all of your tools are streamlined, meaning you sign one contract, have one contact, and use one support team.    

GiveSmart’s included integrations reach beyond CRMs. Our platform integrates with dynamic, exciting livestreaming tools, matching gift support, Google Analytics, and more! 


Let’s Compare GiveSmart and Classy

Auction Fundraising *
In-Platform LiveStreaming
Connected, supporter communications (text, e-mail, messaging)
CRM Platform *
Transparent, Fixed Fee Structure
Volunteer Tracking
Unlimited Admins
Item Management
Gamification *
Guest Management (seating management, custom questions, etc) *
In-Kind Giving *
Dedicated, Standalone Pages
Embeddable Forms
Honor/Tribute Gifts
Supports Walks, Runs, or Rides
Digital Wallet (Apple Pay, Google Pay)
Recurring Giving
Host Unlimited Fundraisers*

*Available only via integration, additional fees, or with certain subscriptions