GiveSmart’s all-in-one platform


We offer flexible, customizable features to support your online fundraising all year round. Whether you host a distinguished, annual event or you are looking for a platform to support any fundraiser of yours, we are the solution to support your mission. Connect with the GiveSmart team here to learn more!

GiveSmart at a glance

Whether you are collecting donations at an event, doing a membership drive, creating an annual fund, or participating in #GivingTuesday, we offer the one online donation platform you need. And now, you can have a donate button on your website that connects directly to your GiveSmart account. You don’t have to look anywhere else.

The data is endless, and it is at your fingertips. Live, intuitive reporting through the dashboard and reporting tools of the GiveSmart platform. This data helps track up-to-the-minute how your fundraising efforts are going and can help guide decisions for the future. And now, with one click, you can seamlessly sync your GiveSmart data with SalesforceTM, allowing for deeper relationships with your donors and volunteers.

You work hard to engage and steward your donors. Recurring giving allows you to strengthen those relationships. On any fundraiser of your choosing, you can add recurring giving as an option with GiveSmart. As more organizations adopt this sustainable strategy, we provide limitless opportunities to succeed

With a mobile-friendly interface, the GiveSmart platform is easy to customize to match your organization’s colors and theme. Rich text, video, and enhanced image placement are all available within the platform. It is easy to customize and change your homepage to adapt to your timeline and fundraising needs.

Having the ability to take donations via text opens up fundraising to a myriad of new opportunities and year-round capabilities. With a dedicated keyword per campaign, you can track the success and awareness of each. Expand the opportunity for your donors to give.

Integrated credit card processing makes for easy checkout and collection for every event and campaign. Payment processing fees can also be an option for the donor to cover instead, so more money goes back to your mission. We are the secure solution for your donors.

If you’re on a screen, you can now stream your event program directly from your GiveSmart homepage. You can highlight donors, display progress to your goal, and chat with guests virtually. If you’re in the room, all of these features are available with a GiveSmart subscription, too!

Go beyond peer to peer. Enhance your fundraising impact with supporter campaigns through Champion Fundraising. Connect your volunteers and advocates to this branded, turn-key feature in order to help you raise awareness and funding for your mission. Your organization can offer Champion Fundraising on any fundraising campaign that you with us. You have dedicated volunteers; give them the tools to easily support you.

As part of your onboarding, you will get a hands-on walkthrough all that the system has to offer.  You will have access to support 24/7 because we know you put in work and host events outside of the traditional workweek. Our partners can choose to have dedicated support staff all year round, as well as day-of staff. And, our team hosts frequent webinars, produces articles and guides, and shares fundraising examples to further educate and inspire.