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The relationships you have with your donors are dependent on the trust they have in your organization. They trust that you’re not only good stewards of their dollars but that you are keeping their personal information and payment information safe and private. Doing so leads to greater confidence in your nonprofit, improves your reputation, and increases the likelihood they’ll return.  

And, the fines for your nonprofit’s noncompliance could lead to you having to close your nonprofit’s doors.   

GiveSmart is PCI compliant, meaning we developed a security process to prevent, detect, and act on any possible security breaches.  

We are also SOC 2 compliant, meaning we regularly report on the high standards we control around the security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy as they relate to donor data.   

Rest easy that your donor data is safe

GiveSmart is PCI compliant

Use and regular updates of firewalls and anti-virus software

Ensuring proper password protection protocols are in place

Encryption of, secure storage of, and limited access to personally identifiable donor information

Meticulously maintained records and logs of how and when any donor data is used

Regular updates, patches, and tests for vulnerabilities in any of the mentioned security measures

SOC 2 compliance 

GiveSmart is built and maintained with your donor information security and privacy in mind

Controls in place to prevent access by unauthorized personnel to better support donor data collection and security

Accurate representation of what you and your supporters can access and change, as it related to their personally identifiable information

Data processing integrity standards for every point in the transaction, from registration to closeout

Risk management policies that are regularly reviewed and intended to keep mitigation top of mind

Deliberate, well thought out, approved processes for any changes to affected systems, such as IT updates

Independent audits and oversight of these processes and controls to affirm compliance


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Beyond the online silent auction platform, GiveSmart provides an unparalleled experience of support, every step of the way.

From planning your event and brainstorming creative ideas to configuring your silent auction software and training your team to use it, we are committed to your success.

Our live support team helps facilitate your event(s) so that your donors feel comfortable and bid with confidence on your silent auction items.

We see ourselves as a partner to the organizations that we serve, and the billions of dollars raised by thousands of organizations over the least last eight years are a testament to that commitment.

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