Ticketing & Seating Management

Our fully integrated ticketing platform allows you to register donors, sponsors, and table purchasers all in one place. With our tools, guests will only need to input their payment and contact information once!

Seating and group management

Distribute guests and groups amongst your assigned tables, golf tee times, race start corrals, and more in our drag-and-drop management tool. Assigning supporters is easy and allows for less manual work when it comes to seating assignments and tables.

Sign-up parties

Easily feature your sign-up parties, when people pay a set amount of money to participate in a group event with a limited number of spots, on our platform. You can integrate them into your order form or showcase them alongside your auction or merchandise store. 

Tax receipts and thank you letters

Automatically generate tax receipts, donation letters, and thank you letters for donors in bulk post-event. This process limits tedious administrative tasks and saves precious time for your team. 

Contactless check-in

Give your guests more time to peruse your auction, buy raffle tickets, or get out on the course. Our easy self-check-in allows your guests to enter their payment information, see their table or group assignment, and alerts your administrator that they have arrived. 

Pass on the fees

You have the option to allow your donors to cover any credit card transaction fees, meaning even more funding for your mission.

Add sponsorships and tables with custom fields

Customize ticket and table types, process payments, and track sponsorships through an intuitive ticket portal and mobile-friendly registration forms. Having the option to customize your checkout form allows you to diversify your offerings and raise more from the onset. 

Guest communication

Donor receipts, ticket receipts, and itemized auction receipts are customized in advance by organizations and automatically generated when a purchase is complete. Welcome messages, thank you notes, and any other messaging (text or email) can be written and deployed at the leisure of organizations to groups or individuals.