Growth Fundraising

Games of chance

Fun fundraising games, like Heads or Tails, can be promoted, sold, and tracked through the GiveSmart platform. And, for opportunity drawings or games of chance, donors can purchase them via their phones and then be assigned a randomized number for their chance to win.

Fixed price items and merchandise

Offer any merchandise or fixed price items for sale on your GiveSmart site with our instant buy option. Organizations can create a merchandise site that is available year-round or can add fixed price items – such as a wine pull, cash bar, box lunch, etc –  to any type of fundraising campaign as an additional revenue source. 

Raffles and games of chance

Boost your fundraising at your events or during donation campaigns with games of chance offerings. These are featured alongside your auction, merchandise, and voting options so that your supporters can see your robust offerings. All donations and purchases go onto one receipt for a better donor experience. 


Competition fuels fundraising. Add a voting competition to any of your fundraisers to add excitement, fun, and funds. Your supporters can donate to show favor for a recipe, department, building wing, sports team, and more.

Recurring Giving

With GiveSmart, you can simultaneously run a recurring giving campaign alongside other seasonal campaigns or events. This consistent revenue stream is a win-win for donors and organizations. All donor data and reporting are easily organized within an Organization’s Hub.