Extra Help for Nonprofit Leaders

As a dedicated nonprofit leader, you could host a masterclass in multitasking. If you feel like more of a juggler, than a nonprofit leader, GiveSmart is here to be your extra set of hands.

Extra Set of Hands

Grow and Sustain Your Mission

Quickly access real-time fundraising data to generate top-level finance reports

Save time by automating manual processes and eliminating data silos

More easily understand, segment, and steward donors

Power your fundraising campaigns and events with modern, easy-to-use technology

Streamline Success
Streamline Your Success

Navigate the complexities of fundraising and event management, making your processes more efficient and your goals more attainable.

Elevate Engagement Icon
Elevate Engagement

Transform how you connect with your supporters, using GiveSmart as your digital ally to create meaningful interactions and foster lasting relationships.

Optimize Operations Icon
Optimize Operations

From tracking donations and grants to orchestrating large-scale events, let GiveSmart and MIP Fund Accounting be the behind-the-scenes power that amplifies your mission without increasing your workload.

Data Driven Decisions Icon
Data-Driven Decisions

Leverage GiveSmart's robust analytics as your strategic advisor, helping you make informed decisions that drive your nonprofit forward.

Unmatched Support Icon
Unmatched Support

Consider the GiveSmart team as an extension of your own, providing expert advice, support, and guidance every step of the way.

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