Aug 9, 2022

September 11: A Day to Remember, A Day To Serve

Men saluting in front of September 11 memorial

Do you remember where you were when you heard the news?  When graphic destruction played out live on televisions across the nation? When a stunned world scrambled all at once to make sense of massive loss and senseless acts?

While the world watched, we came together, unified by an innate need to take action, to counteract violent acts of terrorism with compassion, good deeds, and neighborly kindness. We stood together against a common enemy, proud Americans, one and all!

Decades later, our patriotic pride and collective sense of duty to each other still holds, making sure that we will never forget.

Join the Celebration of Service in Honor of 9/11

9/11 Day is the largest annual day of charitable engagement in the United States. Every year more than 40 million Americans and many others in 150 countries observe the solemn day by performing good deeds that help others.

This 9/11, remember to do one good deed.

The goal of 9/11 Day is to keep alive the spirit of unity and compassion that arose in the immediate aftermath of the attacks by providing positive, constructive ways for people to annually remember what happened, pay tribute to the victims, and through their own service and contributions, play an active role in honoring those who stepped up to serve in response to the tragic events.

Here’s a look at how some organizations are planning to give back on September 11:

AARP Foundation’s Celebration of Service 

AARP will take over the National Mall in Washington, D.C., to honor those who gave their lives — including first responders. Fueled by more than 5,000 volunteers, many of them local AARP staff, they will be packing more than a million meals for struggling seniors in our nation’s capital.

Habitat for Humanity: We Serve. We Honor. We Build

Among the ways that Habitat for Humanity observes 9/11 Day annually is by undertaking special project builds, encouraging volunteer advocates for military veterans and their families, and recruiting donors, supporters, and participants for their ongoing projects like World Habitat Day.

Afya Sort For A Cause: Supplies for Life 

The Afya Foundation of America works with doctors, nurses, and administrators on the ground in African, Latin American, and Caribbean nations to ascertain the specific needs of healthcare centers in those regions. They are recruiting volunteers to sort, repurpose and pack medical and humanitarian equipment and supplies.

How can your organization and supporters get involved?

Engage your supporters via mobile marketing by sending out a text message that challenges them to perform a good deed that aligns with your cause, then post the challenge on social media. This helps you get people active and excited about giving back without limiting your ask to monetary donations!

Encourage everyone to post pictures, videos, and/or testimonials of their good deeds on your social feeds and include the national hashtag #911Day to link your cause to the national dialogue.

Spread the word by adding your volunteer project to the official site by registering it now through Volunteer Match or All For Good with a free account.

If someone can’t get involved in a volunteer activity, they can still make a difference by donating to your nonprofit.

Global Green USA facebook donation buttons

Embed your organization’s donation form on your Facebook page, and include the link or keyword in your posts to make giving even easier.

3 Quick Mobile Solutions to Inspire Your Challenge

1. Advocating for change?

Make a petition form for your supporters to digitally sign and pass along to their friends and family.

I will join the 9/11 tribute movement mobile page

2. Starting a movement?

Create a pledge form that serves as a promise between your supporters and your organization to create awareness and change around a specific issue.

3. Peer-to-Peer fundraising?

Rally virtual fundraisers and donors by embedding your donation and sign-up forms on your website and Facebook page. Encourage supporters to share the keyword and/or link over social media and through word-of-mouth. Plus, you can send your link via email.

Keep the momentum going through your integrated mobile marketing tools by sending tips, words of encouragement, and updates via mobile messaging.

Don’t forget! When someone texts any of your keywords they are opting in to receive TCPA-compliant mobile marketing from your nonprofit.

Their invaluable donor data and validated mobile numbers are added to your database for future communication and engagement.


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