May 2, 2021

Guide to Creating Inspirational Fundraising Videos For Your Nonprofit

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In terms of likes, shares, downloads, and donations, video consistently outperforms all other forms of digital communication. Every campaign should include a series of inspirational fundraising videos with a simple call to action.  

Compelling video storytelling is the best way for nonprofit organizations to strengthen donor engagement and community outreach across mobile, social, and online channels. And, now smartphones make it easier than ever for nonprofits to create professional-looking fundraising videos.

Video Stats Nonprofits Need To Know

Top Tips for Creating Videos For Your Nonprofit

Tip #1: Use a Movie Creation App to Produce Videos and Upload Them to YouTube, Vimeo, or TikTok

In just a few hours a member of your team can get fairly skilled at iMovie. Your nonprofit will be able to easily create, edit, and publish professional-looking fundraising videos that include:

  • Video clips and photos
  • Music and testimonies
  • Transitions and effects

Get any number of video production apps on your smartphone. Search for training videos ahead of time, to ensure you are choosing the right tools. 

Tip #2: Encourage Your Staff and Volunteers to Share Videos on Facebook

Organic videos, recorded on individuals’ smartphones, are often the most effective way to capture and showcase the essence of your mission and the good you are accomplishing.

Have them share on your nonprofit’s page as well as their own personal pages to help spread the word.

Use this content to create fresh 15-60-90 second PSA videos with a call to action for donations

Tip #3: Use AirDrop to Easily Share Content Between Devices

Connect devices (smartphones, tablets, PCs) to a WiFi connection and use Airdrop to share content. In seconds you can collect existing content from volunteers and supporters by having them easily transmit their videos, photos, and recordings.

AirDrop is the easiest way to gather up content from multiple devices before creating a video

Video Production is Not Just for Professionals Anymore

Smartphones give everyone the ability to make the best nonprofit videos, but remember that your message is more important than a Hollywood-quality video. Keep that camera on to capture inspiring, feel-good moments, and use each of these guidelines to help effectively share your story and compel donors to keep giving. 

5 Key Principles of Effective Video Production for Nonprofits:

  1. Tell Your Story by showing viewers the issues that matter most to your cause. Your message is more important than production quality since smartphones made it so easy.
  2. Speak To Donors and show them how your organization makes a difference. Raw videos with real moments uniquely capture authentic emotion and passion.
  3. Show The Good You Are Doing with inspiring behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with program recipients. Handmade videos often outperform high-end productions.
  4. Be Passionate and show donors how they can help contribute.
  5. Say Thank You by continuously recognizing donor generosity and support.

Best Practices for Getting Started with Video:

Ensure you always have a clear call to action at the end of your video. Don’t just leave your audience hanging – ask them to make a difference. Include a call-to-action slide in every video that tells supporters how they can easily give to your cause.

One thing to remember is that video content is all about human connection.

  • Compile a library of footage taken by volunteers and staff.
  • Keep your donors’ interest piqued with raw and real, behind-the-scenes footage that shows the good you are accomplishing.
  • Post videos separately to YouTube & Facebook and cross-promote with email and SMS as often you have something compelling to share.
  • Keep your call-to-action for donations coherent and consistent.

Start Sharing Live Video Content

Facebook and Instagram Live have changed content consumption forever. It’s the easiest way for nonprofits to create video content and instantly broadcast it to a worldwide community of engaged supporters.  

Here’s How it Works:

  • Open an app on your smartphone.
  • On your personal page: Select News Feed > Status > Live Video
  • Your followers will receive a message that you are broadcasting and your live feed will display on your wall.
  • Followers can chat with you in real-time and your broadcast can also be found publicly by a worldwide audience. It’s that easy!
  • Keep your broadcast focused: use it to promote an upcoming event, provide an urgent update, make a donation.

Video Fundraising Production Essentials

It’s not just for galas and events. Video is the fastest and most effective way to highlight your nonprofit’s core message in the eyes of your audience and tell your story to viewers across channels.

Video relays your message clearly and effectively, creating emotion that inspires viewers to take action for your organization and shows them what they can do to help, be it through volunteering time and resources or making a monetary donation to your cause.

When you highlight your organization’s core message in a real, authentic way, you give viewers the opportunity—and inspiration —to get involved with your nonprofit on an emotional level and encourage them to volunteer time and resources to your cause.

Key Components of the Best Fundraising Videos:

  • Evoke the senses when telling your story with images and stories that viewers a reason to believe in your cause.
  • Relatability is key, so tap into what resonates by creating a familiar persona that incorporates your organization’s message and aspirations
  • Cast powerful characters, passionate people from your org or benefiting from your mission create empathy to help viewers relate to and get them behind your cause
  • Know your audience. Target your story for a direct and specific purpose—if you don’t know who you’re talking to, the right people won’t be listening
  • Passion is paramount, so keep your purpose in mind and add some depth to match the tone and feel of your organization
  • Humility helps everyone–connect your audience to your org in a sincere way to create trust in your mission and get people involved.

Guarantee Success with Fundraising Videos that Work:

  • Use social media: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Create a following in the community by reaching out to influencers.
  • Give it time—even the best campaigns don’t succeed overnight.
  • Immediacy is essential, so be sure your images reflect timely stories that are important to your organization and to your viewers
  • Create a visual narrative to encourage liking and sharing.
  • Start small—you don’t need a big budget to have a big impact.
  • Reach out to the community to find those willing to dedicate time to help you create a great video for your cause.


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