Imagine our surprise, from reviewing prevailing market research that shows all fundraising news isn’t dismal, and there are actually some bright spots. In fact, there is good news when it comes to statistical encouragement for reaching out in the 4th quarter to bring new donors and champions of your cause to your nonprofit. 

Walmost can’t believe our eyes here … 

Looking at 2021, an important note in the data is that over 79% of surveyed organizations plan to expand the use of online fundraising as a source of income in 2021. Additionally, 81% of surveyed organizations plan to create virtual events. 

Noting the recent results from AFP’s Fundraising Confidence Survey, Martha Schumacher, CFRE, ACFRE, MInstF, chair of AFP said, “…Further, the fourth quarter represents the giving season, a time of year when a majority of supporters are at their most philanthropic. Along those lines, I’m especially pleased to learn that so many donors are still receptive to outreach and solicitations—that’s an important trend to watch.” 

With the uptick in donors donating + the big increase in online giving, how have these trends changed your plans? Donors are open to supporting your mission, not just at a gala, but all year round. In this era of extended uncertainty, we now know that there’s no need to wait for your annual event, or even for a decision on your annual event.  

Don’t miss this philanthropic 4th quarter season. While there’s still quite a lot of 2020’s impact for us to navigate, research shows donors are still donating. That’s impactful news for you, your mission, and the communities you serve.  We’re here to support you in 2021 and going forward as we work together to rebuild momentum and continue in resilience. 

“Organizations cannot afford to stop fundraising and those charities that continue to raise funds 

—and even increase their fundraising—will do the best.”  

— Mike Geiger, MBA, CPA, president and CEO of AFP 

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Brandon Stec is the Director of Marketing at GiveSmart and an Indiana University graduate who's worked across sports and tech over the last decade. Brandon has sat on several boards of Nonprofits in Chicago and Kansas City. He resides in Chicago with his wife, son, and dog, Mango, and is a published author.
Brandon Stec