Aug 20, 2021

Empowering your Gen Z donors


Though some organizations tend to overlook Generation Z as potential donors, these individuals are greatly driven by the need for global change. Therefore, they’re highly likely to contribute to philanthropic causes. And as a generation comprising over 20% of the United States population and counting, this group is a valuable one to have on your side. 

Who is Gen Z?

Generation Z, or Gen Z for short, is made up of younger individuals born in 1996 and onward. Gen Z members grew up exposed to pressing social issues, economic instability, climate change, and constant technological advancements — all hallmarks that have defined their generation. Their hyper-awareness of global challenges makes these individuals highly motivated to better the world around them.

Some of the key interests among Generation Z donors include:

  • Technology
  • Individuality and self-expression
  • Sustainability and ethics
  • Diversity and equality
  • The collective good
  • Saving money
  • Education
  • Authenticity

Exploring Gen Z giving habits

Because Generation Z is more connected to technology and social media than any other generation, they’re highly informed about all the most current social issues, global events, and humanitarian movements. Their social awareness is directly linked to their passion for change, driving them to participate in charitable giving and volunteering. Many Gen Z donors are even interested in starting charities of their own.

Generation Z desires to protect the planet and is most likely to contribute to causes concerning the environment, human rights, equality, poverty, and hunger. This generation prefers to engage with nonprofits and charities using their smartphones, connecting with them through online petitions, videos, e-newsletters, and product purchasing. 

How to empower Gen Z donors

The best way to empower your Generation Z donors is to gear your outreach and engagement approaches toward them, keeping in mind their world views, interests, and philanthropic habits. Some tactics you can use to elicit Gen Z support include:

  • Utilizing social media: Because Generation Z donors are highly active on social media, you can better attract them by leveraging social media channels to represent your brand. This group is considerably tolerant of online ads, meaning you can likely increase your advertising efforts without deterring them.
  • Keeping things simple: Generation Z has a lower attention span than their generational predecessors, so it’s best to keep your content concise, digestible, and to the point.
  • Telling your story: You can inspire Gen Z donors by constructing a meaningful narrative about your nonprofit that illustrates its impact and the value it brings to society. Instead of using hard facts alone, you can generate interest using visual content like photos and infographics that make your story memorable and easy to understand.
  • Making your marketing authentic: Due to their extensive familiarity with the technological world, Generation Z members are highly perceptive to inauthentic online portrayals. They understand that companies have access to their personal information and interests and can cater their marketing toward them. It’s important to Gen Z donors that organizations come off as authentic with a genuine desire to do good.

Earn support from Generation Z donors with GiveSmart

You can attract and empower your Gen Z donors by managing your philanthropic campaigns through GiveSmart. Our user-friendly online fundraising platform is designed to help nonprofits save time and effort while raising more money.

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