Mar 28, 2022

Craft Fundraising: What Fundraising Feature Relates To Craft Beer Styles


Prost! There’s never been a better time to get into craft beer. With over 9,000 craft breweries in the U.S., the craft market continues to grow. While big beer continues to hold a sizable market share, craft continues to expand and grow. 

From lagers, IPAs, pales ales, stouts, and many other styles, craft beer elevates brewing to new levels. It is a more flavorful and higher quality alternative to traditional domestic lagers. 

At its core, every beer style is either an ale or a lager, with several subcategories encompassing the entirety of collective brewing knowledge. GiveSmart supports your fundraising efforts with tailored solutions to fit your organizational needs and meet donors wherever they’re giving.  


Reliable and incredibly popular. Lagers are brewed and conditioned at a lower temperature or lagered. They represent the whole range of beer colors but are most often pale or amber in color. Lagers are clean and typically feature a robust bready character, giving way to a crisp hoppiness. 

Lagers are the backbone of beer and one of the most important styles in beer. Lagers pair well to online fundraising and text to donate; two quintessential methods to raise funds, and two of the most important things your organization needs to be using today to meet donors where they’re at. Your next campaign needs to reach donors at an individual level. With online giving increasing annually, you want to make the process as easy and simplified as possible. As lagers are the dependable, go-to beer of choice, online fundraising and text to donate should be the hops and water of your fundraising efforts.  


IPAs are arguably the style most people identify with craft beer. While their main characteristic is a distinct bitterness, the style has several substyles that denote different taste profiles and features. For example, the hazy IPA is a juicier subset of IPA that does away with the upfront bitterness for bold, juicy notes and fruit-like characteristics in an opaque body you can’t see through. West Coast IPAs are even fruitier with louder hop profiles and a distinctly clean, crisp body.  

When it comes to fundraising solutions, look no further than mobile bidding and auctions. When your organization moves its silent auction online, you can reach an audience you’ve never dreamed of before.  Mobile auctions are one of the most popular ways to fundraise. Grow your reach and increase participation by hosting your silent auction online. By incorporating mobile bidding and giving within your auction, events become more streamlined and most importantly more interactive. Mobile bidding auctions increase funds raised by an average of 30% when switching from paper to mobile bidding. So when you’re looking for a way to add a distinct hoppiness to your fundraising efforts, enjoy craft beer’s most popular style, and raise funds efficiently with mobile bidding.  


Now we get to the big, bold profile of stout. Today, the style features incredibly high alcohol by volume (ABV) levels and solid and intense flavors, but to ignore the humbler origins of the style would be a disservice. Stout evolved from the wildly popular porter and was primarily known for its higher ABVs. What started in the 7% to 8% range has elevated significantly, with some stouts reaching obscene levels of 20% to 25% ABV. 

Stout originated in England as porter in the early 1720s. One of the most famous examples of the style, Guinness—an Irish dry stout—started being brewed in 1776. 

Today, craft brewers have adopted the style to produce wild flavors, and even developed a new substyle known as pastry stouts that are heavy with adjuncts. Stouts are big, bold, and have exquisite flavors. As it relates to fundraising, look no further than growth fundraising. Equipped with a core of essential fundraising-making features, our service allows you to launch fundraising events effortlessly in minutes to support your organization’s goals as they arise. With growth fundraising, your organization can activate additional fundraising efforts during your events and campaigns effortlessly to boost giving and add interactive elements throughout the day. From raffles to auctions and peer-to-peer fundraising, growth fundraising takes your event to the next level and ensures your organization is doing its best to reach its big fundraising milestones.  Growth fundraising comes with a load of adjuncts to make your next event the biggest and most successful to date.  

Farmhouse Ales 

One of the most beautiful beer styles is also one of its most overlooked. Farmhouse ales range from light and lingering to bold and pronounced. The style encapsulates a variety of subsects, like Saison, gueuze—and the array of styles gueuze encompasses-Bière de Garde, and so many others—each presenting a different taste profile. 

Farmhouse ales embrace brewing concepts like spontaneous fermentation—where the bacteria in the air ferment the beer over a prolonged period and barrel- and foeder-aging. The tasting profiles farmhouse ales present can alienate drinkers. Still, as they grow on you, the style and its impact on brewing are undeniable. 

Farmhouse ale and the wide berth of styles it embodies can serve various purposes, just like our peer-to-pay fundraising capabilities. Personalize and tailor your fundraising efforts to come from board members, volunteers, alumni, and corporate partners. Each personal campaign has features like personalized giving pages, fundraising thermometers, unique text-to-donate keywords for every individual or team fundraiser, and more. As farmhouse ales compose a bevy of unique styles, peer-to-peer fundraising serves a unique purpose and allows your nonprofit to reach donors on an individual, customized basis.  

When it’s time to go to the beer fridge and pour yourself a glass of liquid refreshment, think about how the beer you drink can influence the way your nonprofit raises funds.  

Source note: Most information was compiled from Tasting Beer: An Insider’s Guide to the World’s Greatest Drink, unless otherwise hyperlinked, and personal knowledge.  


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