Jun 5, 2023

5 Meaningful Ways To Celebrate National Nonprofit Day


On August 17, National Nonprofit Day will recognize the positive impact that nonprofit organizations have on our local communities and around the world. Charitable giving has risen since 2020 despite the impact of the global pandemic, with a 20% increase in online donations. Impressively, individual donations are the third-largest source of funding for nonprofits and charities, while 20% come from corporations.

So, what can you do to recognize those that give their time, their money, and their passion to your cause? Here are 5 meaningful ways to celebrate your cause and the impact it makes on those around you.

1. Recognize Volunteers

Your organization can’t accomplish what you need to do without the help and support of impassioned volunteers. On this day of recognition, send a thank-you to your volunteers and call attention to those that go above and beyond every day for your organization.

Public acknowledgment through social media posts, newsletters, or website spotlights will highlight their contributions. Hosting volunteer appreciation events such as dinners and awards ceremonies provides a platform to express gratitude. Personalized thank-you notes or certificates can also make volunteers feel appreciated.

Additionally, offering opportunities for professional development or advancement within your nonprofit demonstrates recognition of their skills.

2. Broadcast A Donor Wall

Display the names of donors whether they’ve given major gifts or small donations. Every dollar counts when you’re trying to help others. A digital donor wall can be easily set up on your website or at your next event as a live feed of donor names who make it possible to achieve your organization’s goals through their charitable giving.

To effectively broadcast a physical donor wall, choose a prominent location in your organization’s physical space, such as the lobby or a high-traffic area. Use high-quality materials and design a visually appealing layout that showcases donor names or logos.

Incorporate technology with digital screens or interactive displays to engage viewers. Host a dedicated event to unveil the donor wall, and invite donors to attend. You can also promote the donor wall through newsletters, website updates, and posts to your social channels. Regularly update the wall to reflect new donors and recognize their contributions, ensuring ongoing visibility and appreciation.

3. Give a Shout Out

Share a post about your organization, its goals, and why the cause is important to you. Use the hashtag #NationalNonprofitDay to inspire others to get involved and create awareness of your cause.

Sharing your nonprofit’s efforts on social media can effectively engage and inform your audience. Create compelling content that highlights the impact of your work through stories, photos, or videos. Using other relevant hashtags on the topic also increases visibility. Encourage user-generated content by asking followers to share their experiences or participate in challenges.

Collaborate with influencers or partner organizations to extend your reach, and engage with your audience through comments and messages. It’s also important to track your analytics to assess engagement and adjust your content strategy accordingly. Regularly post updates to maintain a consistent presence and keep supporters informed about your initiatives.

Bonus Resource: Nonprofit Social Media Strategies

4. Highlight Recipients

What better way to celebrate this day than to showcase who or what you dedicate your life’s work to improve? You might work with rescued animals, provide support for first responders in natural disasters, advocate for safety in our schools, or aid those suffering from life-threatening diseases.

To effectively highlight the recipients of your nonprofit’s efforts, start by obtaining their consent, and always respect their privacy. Collect compelling stories, videos, or photos that illustrate the impact of your organization on their lives. Share these stories across your various channels, both digital and physical.

Use a person-centered approach by focusing on the recipients’ journeys, achievements, and resilience. Incorporate testimonials or quotes from recipients to add authenticity. You could also organize events or virtual gatherings where recipients can share their experiences firsthand. 

By showcasing the individuals who have directly benefited from your nonprofit, you can inspire empathy, build trust, and demonstrate the tangible difference your organization is making. This can give recipients the strength needed to keep fighting and help you continue advocating for those who can’t do so for themselves.

launch a campaign

5. Launch a Campaign

Getting ready for fall fundraising activities? Get a head start by launching your campaign now with a video that you share on your website and social media channels. Set up a mobile-friendly donation form that makes it easy for donors to give year-round, or kick off a communications campaign using text messaging to ensure your cause gets noticed.

For a successful social media campaign, set clear goals and identify your target audience. Create engaging and shareable content, including compelling visuals, videos, and stories that align with your mission. Consider collaborating with influencers or partner organizations to amplify your reach.

Contact GiveSmart to Enhance Your Campaigns

Make the most of National Nonprofit Day by sharing your appreciation for the people who make it possible for you to continue the important and impactful work you do. GiveSmart aims to make this effort easier for you with our platform. Our goal at GiveSmart is to help your nonprofit organization create and manage successful digital fundraising campaigns, raise more money, and retain donors.

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