Event Management

Event Management

You Host The Event. We'll Manage Everything Else.

With GiveSmart's forward-thinking technology, event management is more seamless than ever imaginable. From selling tickets and registering guests, to taking pledges and donations, our customized solutions will have your event covered from every angle with a single, integrated process.

Ticket Sales

Ticket Sales

Take your sales to a level you never dreamed of with our unique online purchase service. You’ll sell more tickets directly and easily to your guests and offer a multitude of convenient features that will boost transactions for your event.

You can offer your guests the option to buy multiple tickets in multiple price brackets as well as the convenience of selecting dietary requirements with ticket purchase, should your event involve a plated meal. You will be able to capture detailed purchase information, such as who bought tickets, how many and at what cost, and integrate purchase information with a guest’s registration details and bidding activity.

Each of these online elements are not just designed to impress your guests. They also allow you to gain valuable understanding of how total funds raised break down by ticket sales, auction bids and donations, giving you valuable information for future events.

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Super Efficient Check In App

Rather than planting scouts at the door to alert you when certain attendees arrive or funneling your patrons into a long line to receive a place card, we’ve created a new approach for welcoming and signing in guests as they arrive at an event - the GiveSmart check-in app. This intuitive, digital solution evolves the registration process from annoying to efficient easily.

Your guests can use the tablets provided by the Customer Service Representatives serving at the event or download the app to their personal cell to quickly check-in to the location on their own. This cuts down on the time your patrons will spend languishing in the lobby and instead put them right in the action of the event faster.

Plus, with instant notifications when your flagged VIPs have arrived, you can plan your night with more precision than ever before and ensure that you:

  • Are PCI Compliant
  • Receive Secure Payments
PCI Compliant
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Fully Branded Event Website

Customized to reflect your brand. Tailored to address your goals. We provide one-of-a-kind websites, complete with personalized weblinks.

Bid From
Post Event


The most frustrating part of an auction is often the checkout, which can become clogged with payment issues or slow-moving guests. GiveSmart makes waiting in long lines and writing or printing out tedious paper receipts a thing of the past with our easy and convenient electronic check out process.

Our system allows guests to pay for auction items with the swipe of a credit card rather than scrambling for cash or writing out a check. We capture all payment information electronically and even offer guests convenience of paying via mobile anywhere and anytime throughout the event.

This doesn’t just eliminate long checkout lines though; it allows us to assemble detailed payment reports quickly and easily. You can see exactly who paid for what and when with integrated payment and registration information.

With all of this data, you will be able to clearly see how close you are to your fundraising goals as well as identifying which bidders have earned VIP status with their support. As for your guests, all they will talk about is the favorable impression you made at the end of your event by making checkout a breeze.


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Donor Management

 They say history repeats itself, but we don’t believe that should be the case with your events; we want them to improve every time. That’s why we take detailed and invaluable data from your donors, contact info, payment info, bidding preference and attendance history. etc. during our streamlined check-in process.

Next, we organize the information by different variables, customizing each report for your individual needs. We can identify your most valuable donors quickly and give you real-time uploads of all bidding activity to your event dashboard during the event.

However, our post-event reports are a true masterpiece. We detail the most successful auction items along with who bid the highest, the most or not at all.

We also show you exactly what inspires each of them to give to your cause as well as providing you with all of the information you need to thank each and everyone for their contribution. All of this data will help you make informed decisions about future guests lists, allowing you to put together an even more successful event next time.


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Donor Management

The Perfect Combo of Technology and Service. Every Time.

Customized solutions to fit your needs
and exceed your expectations.

qode interactive strata
  • Online ticketing
  • Paperless registration & checkout
  • Customized fundraising website
  • Active and accurate donor management
  • Integrated registration, buyer, donor, and payment information
We’ve anticipated whatever you need with a platform that simplifies every step, collects data and integrates all of that information into one easy-to-understand dashboard.
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qode interactive strata
  • Makes any phone a bidding/donating device
  • Real-time outbid alerts and customizable leaderboards
  • Bid/donate from anywhere
  • Secure payment processing
  • Increases participation and raises more
Allow guests to bid or donate with any type of mobile phone. By incorporating text and mobile bidding, events instantly become more interactive and exciting.
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qode interactive strata
  • Comprehensive service and support before, during, and after
  • Expert event production
  • Dedicated Event Coordinator per event
  • More hands-on help at event
Far from the do-it-yourself approach of some providers, GiveSmart doesn’t just produce amazing technology; we produce amazing experiences for your guests.
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