Live Auctions

Live Auctions

Streamline the live auction process

A live auction can be an exciting and exhausting way to raise funds for a good cause - but if you aren’t able to amp up a crowd or capture bids, it can turn into a stressful experience. That’s why GiveSmart’s experienced event management teams are on hand to help turn any potential bidding war from a mess into a success for both you and your guests. From spotting and assisting winners collect their items to digitally streamlining paperwork, GiveSmart infuses a modern ease and elegance into your experience. We are a full-service live auction management company, which means GiveSmart gives you the freedom to enjoy your event rather than run it.

Engaging Electronic Brochures

Engage with your guests before they even arrive by showcasing the selection of items that will be up for auctioning on an electronic brochure found on your customized event microsite and created by one of our experts.

This e-brochure will come in handy again during your event, giving guests another look at the potential prizes via tablets wielded by our Customer Service Representatives or on their personal cell phones.

Plus, while the item is on the auction block, you can highlight the prize to alert any guests that might have left the room that the experience or object that they’ve had their eye on is up for bidding.

Engaging Electronic Brochures

Putting Our Hearts Into It

At every moment of your event, our team is passionate about providing the best guest experiences possible. From encouraging a first-time bidder to assisting a multiple-item winner, the GiveSmart Customer Service Representatives work to enhance your live auction by carefully engaging with guests without ever distracting from the auctioneer.

Of course, once the bidding starts, enthusiasm and excitement can quickly turn a little chaotic and guests might get lost in the crowd or go unnoticed by the auctioneer. GiveSmart spotters ensure that all bids are recognized, winners are electronically noted and all won items are properly en route to the correct owners as quickly as possible.

Managing To Make Things Better

Managing To Make Things Better

From ensuring that all sold items are accurately recorded in the system to generating invoices that integrate all of a guest's wins into a single document, GiveSmart easily streamlines the live auction digital process.

Our Customer Service Representatives also securely collect payments throughout the event rather than at the end to ensure easy check-out. Plus, through the accurate recording process, you'll even receive detailed post-event reports offering invaluable insights on the total amount raised and individual bids placed to help with future fundraising efforts and goals.


Let's Talk Auctioneers

Need help finding an experienced live auctioneer? We can point you in the right direction.

An important part of your event, your auctioneer sets the tone and establishes confidence with bidders. We've had the pleasure of working with many multi-talented auctioneers over the years, and would be happy to offer recommendations suitable for your type of event and geographic area.

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With features like these, your organization wins every time:

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Interactive Leaderboards

Our interactive leaderboards offer a level of customization that isn't provided by other silent auction companies. Whether it's personal recognition for your supporters, a running total or a featured live auction item - our leaderboards can host everything you need to boost your fundraising total. Match your leaderboard to your charity's or event's branding and choose from 100s of colors & pre-set themes:

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Black & Gold
Black & Gold
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An Eye For Items

We all know that higher quality items garner higher bids. But you don’t have access or options available to your cause, GiveSmart can help. Our experts source an array of premium, authentic items along with the most desirable experiences to instantly excite your guests and elevate your event.


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