Why Choose GiveSmart over Qgiv?

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GiveSmart is the built-to-grow fundraising and donor management solution that can do it all. When compared to Qgiv there are some key differences and comparisons that you should consider when deciding which solution will work best for your nonprofit, school, or association and your donors. 


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GiveSmart Features for Success 

With GiveSmart, you’ll find a full suite of fundraising essentials included in our plans. With Qgiv, you have to pay each time you need many of those essentials such as text-to-donate, peer-to-peer events, and auction events. If you need these fundraising options, Qgiv’s prices rapidly bloat. 

Do you like paying a transaction fee every time someone donates? How about another fee on top of that transaction fee, which is in addition to credit card fees, when your organization receives a peer-to-peer gift? You’d get that with Qgiv.  

GiveSmart never charges transaction fees, peer-to-peer fees, ticketing fees, or other a la carte, complicated fees.

GiveSmart fundraising plans include:  

  • Easy-to-manage auctions and mobile bidding 
  • Unlimited peer-to-peer campaigns 
  • Unlimited donation campaigns 
  • Text-to-give capabilities and templates 
  • Recurring giving options 
  • Robust knowledge base 
  • In-kind gift management 
  • Volunteer tracking 
  • Best-in-class gamification  
  • Recurring giving 
  • Robust reporting 
  • Award-winning support that works nights and weekends 

GiveSmart allows us to have ongoing fundraising throughout the year via technology such as text to donate and text to bid. It provides excellent reporting features and tracks all event revenue sources. GiveSmart works well for events, both in-person and virtual. It has all features needed to execute a successful event.”

-Amber B., Neighborhood Healthcare 

Best-in-Class Plans, Support, and Services

GiveSmart’s full suite of features doesn’t require multiple add-ons to support your mission and goals.

Our straightforward plans are designed with the modern nonprofit in mind, without the need, and cost, of constant à la carte add-ons and hidden fees.
Our support team is available when you need them via phone, chat, and email, working those nights and weekends, too. Qgiv support is limited to Monday through Friday during daytime business hours.
Our Professional Services team offers customized training and guidance from seasoned GiveSmart employees and better sets up campaigns for success, including remote technicians to run the backend details of your event so your team has more time to interact with supporters.

Qgiv’s price tag balloons depending on the features you need. For similar, easy-to-use features at a set price without the added fees, GiveSmart is the award-winning choice. In 2022, organizations who purchased GiveSmart saw 9x the return on their investment within the year.

Live Event Support

We know the pressure your special events team is under during your galas, golf outings, and other campaigns. GiveSmart not only staffs live Remote Technicians, but we also bring you onsite staffing via our Smart Partners program 

These Partners provide reassurance and support so your organization can do what you do best—wowing your donors and stewarding relationships. 

Let’s Compare GiveSmart and Qgiv

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In-Platform LiveStreaming
Connected, supporter communications (text, e-mail, messaging)
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Transparent, Fixed Fee Structure
Volunteer Tracking
Unlimited Admins
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Embeddable Forms
Honor/Tribute Gifts
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Supports Walks, Runs, or Rides
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