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June 2, 2013

From NTEN Change Issue 10

“After doing research and getting several proposals, we chose Gesture as our platform vendor”

“We walked into the evening with already more than $9,000 in bids. When all was said and done, we raised more than $2500 from people who had never heard about the School prior to us promoting the event and bidding opportunity via Facebook.”

“During the event, four ‘Personal Shoppers’ were on hand to handle questions from our guests and assist with the checkout process at the end of the evening. Winning bidders were able to pay for their items and receive their detailed receipts – from wherever they were – without hassle. Perhaps for the first time, The Weiss School staff were able to really enjoy the event and engage with guests, rather than wrangling the on-site management of the bidding.”

“Following the event, I received details reports which included data for each item, winning bidders and their bidding activity. Using this post-event data I will be able to better plan future silent auctions to meet the anticipated needs and interests of our attendees.”

“Possibly the greatest benefit of going with a mobile and online platform was the silent auction’s reconciliation process. With your traditional style silent auction, this can take hours. Because we decided to make the bidding process completely digital, the moment the silent auction ended all winning bidders received a text message congratulating them on the items they had won.”

“I can say without a doubt that going with a mobile and online platform increased the revenue we were able to generate at our event considerably.”

“We distributed an online survey after the Gala to collect attendee feedback. We received an overwhelmingly positive response.”

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