St. Patrick Catholic School

January 6, 2014

“Thank you for another year of great service for St. Patrick Catholic School’s Annual Emerald Evening. Our fundraising event was successful and we again were so pleased and impressed by Gesture. As you know, we increased the level of services provided by Gesture and could not have been happier with the results!”

“This is the third year we have used Gesture and each year our event is easier to run and we notice higher silent auction revenue. Your expertise, input and services made our planning committee jobs easier and we enjoy the interacting with your professional, friendly, helpful and courteous staff. We are grateful for your responsiveness and willingness to discuss our questions at any time. And as usual, we appreciated your efforts to understand our event processes and design an approach to meet our needs.”

“Our guest feedback was again overwhelmingly positive regarding Gesture’s bid by text process for our silent auction. Guests were able to easily follow the process and reveled in the fact they could enjoy the company of others and their dinner without the disruptions caused by checking on silent auction bid sheets. Plus, they just think it’s fun. And this year, for the first time, we offered the ability to bid remotely and there were several remote bidders who won items and who were happy to have the chance to be involved in the event even though they were not able to be there in person. We know that text bidding results in a more profitable silent auction and in the last few years, we have increased our revenue each year even though we have had fewer items with a slightly lesser market value than in previous years.”

“Our confidence in Gesture and the efficiencies gained by using electronic bidding and relying on Gesture to help capture other event transactions has decreased the burden on volunteers and has been a huge time saver. From the presale of tickets and tracking of RSVPs on your website, to the ease of the silent auction and fund a need by text to the live auction results capturing to the checkout services and event reporting, we could not be more satisfied. The checkout process used to be time-consuming and sometimes frustrating for guests and volunteers alike; now it is simple and efficient with hardly any follow up required. We cannot imagine hosting our event without Gesture.”

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