St. Patrick Catholic School

st-pat“In addition to the bid by text and cashier services, this year we also worked with Gesture to presell event tickets via the Gesture RSVP website. This eliminated the need for volunteer manual processing of RSVPs and was a huge time saver…”

“In years past, we offered guests the option of providing credit card information and bypassing the checkout process and lines at the conclusion of our event. This resulted in a time-consuming and sometimes frustrating post-event invoicing and payment process. I’m happy to report that this year’s checkout process was easy and efficient…”

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“Guests were able to easily follow the process and reveled in the fact that they could enjoy the company of others and their dinner without the disruptions caused by checking on silent auction bid sheets…”

“We believe that text bidding results in a more profitable silent auction…”

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    January 9, 2013