Saint Patrick High School

June 13, 2012

“You’ve made believers out of us! In 2012 we wanted to raise our auction to a new level and thanks to Gesture we did just that.”

“Our staff was thrilled with the accurate, streamlined closing and check-out process and the various reports we were able to request and receive within days of our event.”

“We were impressed with all of Gesture’s offerings…the ease and speed of the checkout process sounded like a dream come true.”

“The Gesture team was extremely professional, confident, flexible and great to work with. Their advice to us was spot-on!”

“As difficult as it was for us to believe, it was absolutely true – we raised almost $11,000 more with 100 fewer items.”

“Many of our guests arrived grumbling about the new technology and within a very short time were commenting on how fun it was. Some of those without their own phones found Gesture team members easily and appeared to build a friendly repartee with them.”

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