National Civil Rights Museum

June 23, 2016

I just have to say that your team was absolutely amazing! This was our first fundraising event like this as well as the first time putting together an auction. I knew from seeing your team work other events I had attended that if I ever had to do one with the National Civil Rights Museum that I wanted you all to manage that for me.

You introduced me to Anne who was really great and flexible with scheduling meetings and getting us all of the information needed to get going for the night of our big event. We did not have as many items as we would have liked, but we had quite a few and people were really excited about.

The night of the event your team showed up on time and ready to go! It was great that we did not have a lot to do with that part of the evening. We had several guests who commented on the fun they were having with the mobile bids and just not having to stand around and watch their item! What an awesome way to add another phenomenal component to our already great evening.

I received a call from a guest, who could not attend, but she went to our website and saw the auction registration and just logged in and she was outbidding everyone on the wonderful items she wanted and was just excited to hear her phone beep with alerts regarding her bid.

We will definitely use you all again next year and are looking forward to it. Thank you again for the exceptional service and commitment from your team and for making our first event a lot less stressful!

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