Milwaukee Public Museum

December 13, 2011

“The Gesture team is ethical, honest and competent professionals who possess the talents, traits and cutting-edge technology to be an asset to any organization’s fundraising.”

“Gesture’s support team and auction technology are truly a rare find. Because of the technology we were able to keep our silent auction open longer realizing an increase of 42% during that extra time. We realized a 50% increase over our auction goal.”

“The team is confident, poised, organized and possesses a flair for adapting. We were so impressed with Gesture that we recommended their team to several other organizations and many have already formed partnerships with Gesture, which lend credibility to our project and to their capabilities.”

“The Gesture team was always prepared and efficient. You possessed a natural ability to prioritize and manage time, approaching our project in a proactive manner. We relied on you to meet deadlines, provide innovative ideas and implement plans with confidence the job would be completed with the highest regard.”

“We observed the Gesture team with our 700 guests and each Gesture member proved to be a leader, an effective communicator and an individual who can multi-task. We are very impressed with the unassuming, nonthreatening and cooperative way they assisted the Gala guests.”

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