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I was first introduced to Gesture in a volunteer capacity, serving as a committee member for an event at my church. I was impressed with how user friendly the site was, for both administrators and event guests.

In addition to introducing the Gesture platform for bidding, we were also in a brand new venue, with only a few volunteers. The week leading up to the event, I heard from two major donors who expressed their disapproval of mobile bidding, one of which whom predicted it “would be a disaster”. By the evening of the event, I was second guessing my decision to use Gesture and bracing myself for the worst. Enter Courtney.

Courtney exceeded every expectation that I had for Gesture’s role that evening. Within moments of meeting her, I knew we were in good hands. She was calm, level headed, and patient all evening. As problems came, Courtney easily identified and resolved them without missing a beat. She not only managed and mobilized her staff, but also directed our volunteers, and was helpful in keeping us on track with time. I did not count on being able to sit down for dinner, let alone enjoy the night, but I did both. Additionally, many of our donors commented how pleased they were with mobile bidding, especially for easy check out.

Find out more about the Mid County Chamber of Commerce at midcountychamber.org.

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