Mayor’s Community Charity Ball

February 6, 2014

On behalf of the 20 non-profit organizations that make up the Mayor’s Community Charity Ball, let me extend my thanks to you and your staff for making our Silent Auction a headache-free success!

Our event has been held since 1991, and we made the leap to electronic bidding in 2011. Bringing technology into our auction was a big step, but it proved to be successful and increased our proceeds dramatically. However, the cost of that technology began to rise.

We switched to GiveSmart to help keep the costs down. As the coordinator of auction items that are gathered by 20 different non-profits, I was nervous about switching when I had only just begun to get comfortable with what we had been using for two years. I remember meeting with you, and you assured me, “THEY bring you their technology and teach you how to help your guests use it. We come in, and help your guests directly.”

Customer service is what you promised, and I want to thank you for delivering on that promise. From beginning to end, our experience with GiveSmart was outstanding. Weeks before the event, Meghan led me through the process of getting our auction information ready, and was always helpful, no matter how many questions I had. She helped us make sure everything on our site looked great, and that our sponsors looked even better.

The evening of the event, Ben and his army of workers were everywhere! Our guests were checked in, and comfortable with bidding incredibly quickly. Those that needed extra assistance were helped and knew where to find more help throughout the evening.

Our auction is quite large, with more than 300 items, but customer check out was done more quickly than ever. Your workers were polite and professional throughout. The feedback we received from our guests was overwhelmingly positive, and that from my own volunteers was even better, since they were left with so little to do!

I would personally recommend your service to any organization, whether they have already used another vendor, or are just beginning the switch from pencil and paper. You do a fantastic job!

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