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The Erin Eickmeier Foundation has been a happy and loyal Gesture customer for over 4 years now. Gesture has really taken our event’s silent auctions to the “next level”! We cannot recommend them enough for your event.

For our event guests, Gesture increases the time our items are visible, encourages our guests to continue bidding, and provides a very easy check out procedure.

For our event staff, Gesture’s software and system encourages more bidding and therefore higher revenues. The ease of use and guest check out makes our staff’s jobs immensely easier. No more crazy, harried check outs at the end of an already long event day.

Gesture is always changing and improving their systems as well, for added value to the customer. It seems like they are adding more features all the time. We are especially thrilled with how they are using their technology to assist us throughout the year with small online auctions for tickets and unique donations we receive throughout the year, unrelated to our events.

The Gesture staff is always very responsive and helpful, and their on-site staff is friendly and professional with our event guests. We couldn’t ask for a better team to help us reach our fundraising goals.

The Erin Eickmeier Foundation whole-heartedly recommends Gesture for your next event!

Very Sincerely Yours,
Renee Eickmeier, Executive Director

Find out more about the Erin Eickmeier Foundation at erinfoundation.com.

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