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We just completed our 12th Annual CBC Alumni Golf Tournament. We have toyed with the idea over the years of having our participants bid on auction items via their cell phones. The same being true for donations being made. It always seemed like a great idea and who has not experienced it with other charities?

Well, we finally “bit the bullet” this year and engaged GiveSmart. We could not have been more pleased with the technology, but even more so with your staff. Each one of them was exceptionally professional and definitely available to our golfers. From JT File, your manager on site, to Susie Mansfield to Bri Jones and Emily Westrholt. We could not have been more impressed with their presence and availability throughout our event.

We have two more fundraising events for this school year, Clays for Cadets and our Auction, and we definitely want this team back on site for those events. Great to work with GiveSmart, thank you for making this event so successful.

Michael Jordan, President

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