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Dear Jim,

Thank you so much again for supporting this year’s Un-Gala. It was a huge success. We raised a record-high $230,000 — $50,000 more than last year! We are still so moved by this outpouring of support, and inspired by the level of energy that we saw at the Un-Gala last Thursday.

We are so bummed that you weren’t able to make it though. You would have loved it this year! We had Second City perform, a heartfelt tribute to Rick Bayless and a live auction that was beyond believable. Of course, GiveSmart played a crucial role in our fundraising success, and we are so grateful that you donated your services to help the Chicago Innovation Foundation surpass its goals.

We’re looking forward to more great collaborations with you and the GiveSmart team. We remain some of your biggest fans and outspoken advocates!

You are the best Jim. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Find out more about the Chicago Innovation Awards at chicagoinnovationawards.com.

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