July 16, 2014

In our two years of working with GiveSmart, we have found much success in both of the events where we have partnered with them. Not only did they facilitate in helping us raise a record-setting amount of funds in one evening for an event such as this, they had a strong part in building and sustaining relationships with our patrons. Our patrons expect the best in treatment and in quality, and they received only the best with GiveSmart.

During our first experience with the company, we were skeptical that our patrons would be accepting of a “technology forward” way of thinking, but I was assured that the company would make every step as easy as possible for everyone involved. We provided the information, auction items, amounts, etc. and GiveSmart took on the work to set up a beautiful website, which we presented to our Board of Directors and the excitement of the auction accelerated from there! The ease of the check-in process for our patrons that evening let our staff members focus on all other parts of our event, and the checkout process was just as graceful.

Upon planning our second Gala, we had a better handle on what to expect, but our planning began much too late. Again GiveSmart dove into action and began the process making it just as easy as they had done the first time, and of course, they made a couple of changes and updates to make sure they stayed on top of technological trends.

We are going into our third year with this event and we are excited to partner with them again in anticipation of another successful event. We know we will receive the same level of professionalism, flexibility, quality, and charisma that we’ve received in past years, and we look forward to continuing our relationship with them.

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