American Indian Services

September 24, 2014

On behalf of American Indian Services, we would like to thank you for the remarkable system you have created to improve fundraising. It is such a pleasure to work with GiveSmart! We have been so impressed with the efficiency of your system and commend you for the professionalism of your associates.

Two years ago, we discovered your company while attending a fundraiser for the Utah Jazz. At the time, we were amazed at the ease of participation in the fundraiser using our cell phones. We met with Dave Hurd and decided to use GiveSmart for our annual gala. The experience was life altering for us. In one year, we more than doubled our proceeds while significantly reducing our stress and workload. Dave was incredible! He was organized, attentive, thorough and very patient with us. We felt like he was part of our staff because whatever was urgent to us was a priority to him. The following year, he assured us that he had hired an outstanding individual to work with us. This year, we worked with Steve Espinoza and were once again impressed! Steve was organized, thorough, patient, and professional; he was calm in times of chaos, a great problem solver, pleasant to work with….overall just a great leader! It was a great relief to have him present at our event and a joy to work with him.

GiveSmart has had such a positive impact on our organization and our ability to help Native American students improve their lives through education. The product you provide far exceeds the cost of your services. We commend you once again for your program and for the great individuals you employ. Keep up the great work! We look forward to working with you next year.

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