We pulled our heads together and used the data provided in Accelerating your Fundraising to share several tips, tricks, and unique opportunities in the Los Angeles area. This webinar is a fun look at the City of Angels and how to enhance your fundraising efforts.

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What’s working in Los Angeles silent auctions?

This resource provides examples and expertise for fundraising and auctions in the Los Angeles area. To better understand the best items, this resource shares some of the best performing types of items and gives examples of new venue ideas.   

This webinar is a combination of local knowledge and data analysis. We have done the work for you. This webinar will answer:

  1. Which auction items are performing best in the LA area?
  2. How can we mix up our packaging and offerings during the auction?
  3. What are some ways to enhance our fundraising events?

Feel free to watch/listen to our free recording!

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