School Jam Sessions

These School Jam Sessions are a collection of expert interviews that are no longer than 10 minutes and provide some great tips, tricks, and tidbits for school fundraising.

Fundraising for schools is a bit different than it is for other nonprofit organizations or foundations. Schools are tight-knit communities where most supporters are connected in the same way “ their children. Schools benefit from a slew of auction items that don’t cost a dime (student art, sign-up parties, extra ciricculars with teachers, etc.) and can often host their fundraising events at their school for no cost. Some school’s have development offices, while others rely on the support of the volunteer parent organizations, PTA/PTO. These unique aspects set school events apart from other fundraising events.

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Episode 1: Incentivized giving

Episode 2: School auction items

Episode 3: Night of the event

Episode 4: Engagement after graduation

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