Features to Build Your Fundraising Choco Taco: GiveSmart’s comprehensive suite is the cherry on top

November 17, 2022 | 1pm CT

Every ingredient in a Choco Taco is delightful on its own, but together they make a beloved product. 

Your fundraising and donor management tools should be the same—individually great and together, spectacular. Set up your mission for success to be JUST as resilient and capable of facing any obstacle. In this session, we’re bringing a demo of:

  • GiveSmart Fundraise as your shell
  • GiveSmart Events as your ice cream filling
  • And GiveSmart Donor CRM as the chocolate-dipped topping

All aspects of GiveSmart—Fundraise, Events, and Donor CRM—create your fundraising taco and allow you the peace of mind that your campaigns, events, and donor engagement are secure, resilient, flexible, delightful, and can support all your endeavors and help you face any challenges.