3 Missed Opportunities – Webinar

Close. Those. Gaps.


Understandably, most event fundraisers might be drowning under the weight of increasing attendees, streamlining check-in and checkout, and ensuring an overall smooth run of show. We get it. This is hard work. But what key initiatives might get lost in the shuffle? How can we capture these after an event?

GiveSmart’s Dianne Kleber brings her extensive background in fundraising to support AFP attendees in finding and closing gaps in event strategies. Participants will walk away from her session with actionable insights to immediately make a difference in meeting their own objectives by: 


  • Following best-practice advice to make sure no money is left on the table at an event
  • Understanding how to breakdown post-event reporting for immediate action versus using to plan for next year
  • Analyze giving patterns over the entire year and determining what that means for your big event