Webinar: Research Study

Tune into this webinar to determine new opportunities to sync and connect with your donors. 

As an event planner do you know where you’re meeting your donors’ expectations? Where you’re missing them? Let’s fill those gaps. We want to help you build your event strategy around donors’ desires to shape the future of fundraising. 

To look at this comparison, we conducted a research study to better understand the importance of signature fundraising events from the perspective of donors and event planners. 

How will we make sense of this data? Our Managing Director of Association and Nonprofit Division for Community Brands, Erin Shy, has pulled the top insights to share.  

Insights include, but are (definitely) not limited to:  

  • The importance of signature events to a donor’s connection with your organization 
  • How signature events impact levels of giving 
  • How event planners promote events and how donors actually hear about them 
  • Trending event programming and fundraising tactics 
  • Post-event actions and desired follow ups 
  • And ultimately, the importance that these events hold in furthering fundraising missions 
November 6, 2019
@ 11 a.m. CST

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