Marketing Your Event – Chapter 2: Mobile Bidding

Templates, Examples and Tips to Introduce Your Guest to Mobile Bidding

How to introduce mobile bidding

Introducing mobile bidding can come during the initial ticketing and registration phase, as mentioned in the last section, or at any time before bidding begins. If this is your first time using mobile bidding, educating your guests is important to ensure that bidding goes smoothly on event night and you reach your fundraising potential. Bidding education can start with pre-bidding, an e-blast of what to expect, a FAQs page, How-to-Bid references and/or on-site marketing.

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Pre-Bidding vs. Event Only Bidding

Pre-bidding involves opening your auction online before the night of your event. GiveSmart’s best practice is to open up for pre-bidding 7-10 days before your event, but you know your guests best and can ask your Customer Success Manager about extending or shortening this time frame. Opening for pre-bidding should always be accompanied by an e-blast from the GiveSmart message center or your system to notify guests and provide them with the information to begin bidding.

Event only bidding will only engage your guests with mobile bidding while they are at your event. It is a GiveSmart best practice to send out a welcome text message 15-45 minutes before guests arrive, which will include a personalized link to the Mobile Bidding Center where your guests can begin bidding. This will assist with making the check in process easier for those who have pre-registered, and guests who have not pre-registered will receive their personalized links upon checking in.

Template: mobile bidding introduction language

[Your organization] is going high-tech by offering online and mobile bidding for our silent auction!

On the night of [your event name], you will receive a personalized link that will allow you to browse the silent auction and choose from the many great items you would like to bid on. From the Items list, you can place your bid on a selected item, with an option of setting a maximum bid and you will be notified on your smartphone if you have been outbid.

Don’t worry! Bidding volunteers will be in place throughout the night to assist with the bidding process, should you have any questions. Please feel free to contact [name] at [contact information] if you have any questions beforehand. Looking forward to seeing you at [your event name] and don’t forget to bring your charged phone!

Template: pre-bidding introduction language

Good news – [your organization’s] auction is opening soon! Beginning [date], one week before [event] you will be able to preview and bid online for silent auction items by signing in at [your GiveSmart link] [your extension].

Mobile bidding is fun, easy and secure! Simply sign in with the link above, or register [here] (Link to your
organization’s GiveSmart site) to get started. Once you’ve bid on an item, your smartphone will alert you if someone outbids you so you can bid again!

We hope you enjoy all our amazing items – happy bidding!