When a business or individual signs up for a virtual event sponsorship package, they form a partnership with your organization. You both have goals for the big day, and together you can achieve them. Your sponsors deserve special attention, and you should answer their questions and make them aware of their commitments for the event. Here’s what you can give them to make the virtual event a success.

Provide a way to measure return on investment (ROI)

Sponsors want to know their support had an impact. If you want them to sponsor future events, you need to assure them their efforts worked and they reached the audience they wanted to connect with. Choose certain metrics you can share with sponsors after the event to prove they spent their money efficiently. Ideas might include:

  • Attendance figures.
  • Clicks on sponsored content.
  • Follow-up questions you received from attendees about sponsors.
  • Engagement information, such as how long attendees stayed at the event.

Give clear instructions on how to participate in the event

Most sponsors play an active role in a virtual event. Offer clear instructions ahead of time to your sponsors, so they understand what they must do. Many people are unfamiliar with the technology used for virtual events, and you should help your sponsors feel comfortable.

Make your instructions as straightforward as possible. Even if you think something is obvious, keep in mind that you’ve done it before. Another person may not have the same background, so list even the most obvious instructions for logging on, speaking during the event and anything else your sponsor may need to do.

Agree on realistic expectations

Don’t promise something you can’t give. When an event is virtual, your sponsors won’t see a run-through beforehand and may not know what to expect. Keep their expectations in line by going over your plans beforehand.

Answer all their questions and invite them to make suggestions if they are sponsoring a specific portion of the program. However, make it clear what your staff can and can’t do. Sponsors with realistic expectations often get what they anticipated, keeping them happy.

Provide a single contact during the event

You will be busy troubleshooting the event and ensuring everything runs smoothly. If your sponsor has a question, do they have a contact they can ask? Delegate someone from your organization to answer sponsor questions during the event. Then, train that person before the big day, so they understand all the event’s ins and outs.

Try GiveSmart’s Software for Virtual Event Sponsorship

Before your next virtual event, put these strategies in place to ensure you and your sponsors share the same expectations and get what you want out of the big day. To learn more about virtual event sponsorships, join us for our upcoming webinar on fostering virtual event sponsors. Our virtual event fundraising software can help you make the most of your sponsorship opportunities. Raise more money with less stress using our solutions.

Brandon Stec