The American Cancer Society North Region ran a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign that enabled their champions to raise $25,000 through their personal networks. 

We sat down with Lauren Gruber, Development Manager for Distinguished EventsIn this Jam Session (video below), we learn how leaning on their board of ambassadors allowed them to recently and successfully diversify their funds. In this specific campaign, their champion fundraisers are all personally connected to ACS’s mission and take a lot of pride in the fundraising that they do. 

View ACS North Region’s GiveSmart campaign here.

In ACS’s recent peer-to-peer (champion) fundraising campaign, Lauren made personal GiveSmart sites for their board of ambassadors and volunteers. Prepping ambassadors and volunteers with the tools they needed set them up for success because the leg work was done – they just needed to start sharing using the text, email, and social templates that Lauren also prepared in advance.  

As the champions set off, and the peer-to-peer fundraiser was underway, Lauren found a standout champion, Rob, and shared his progress as an example for the other fundraisers. Rob’s company normally sponsors a table at their gala, to which he brings 10 guests. This year, Rob expanded his reach 5x by recruiting 50 new donors for this peer-to-peer fundraising campaign!  

Peer-to-peer fundraising is included in GiveSmart’s software package, so there’s “nothing to lose,” said Lauren about running a champion campaign.  


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