GiveSmart by Community Brands: The Story and the Details

GiveSmart by Community Brands: The Story and the Details


January 2018.
GiveSmart, 501 Auctions, and Gesture announce they have agreed to be acquired by Community Brands. The combined solutions offer significant features for fundraising organizations and form a new event fundraising category serving nonprofits,associations, and schools within the Community Brands software portfolio. A great match!


June 2018.
The feature sets of the three event fundraising products begin to merge onto one platform, and GiveSmart becomes the official name of the unified solution. With the largest base of incredible charity partners and an expansive network of local team members, GiveSmart is on a path to help over 5,000 organizations nationwide and raise over $1 billion for its charity partners this year.


Why merge the three companies?
By bringing these three companies together, we are able to provide even greater value – a wealth of industry expertise, resources, and technology that directly benefit our charity partners. And with multiple levels of service, the new GiveSmart offers a solution for every type of event and campaign. Organizations administer their event, register guests, manage payments, view reports, and gain greater insights using the industry’s largest set of event fundraising data tools. We also have coverage throughout the United States to better serve the needs of our customers. More great options, more great possibilities.


How does GiveSmart fit with Community Brands?
Community Brands is the leading provider of cloud-based software to donor-driven organizations like nonprofits, charities, schools and foundations. We provide the technology that helps organizations create positive change in the world, and that’s something we’re passionate about. Customers benefit from our team and technology, which both enable organizations to increase revenue, improve efficiency and digitally engage donors. With 2,000 employees serving over 100,000 clients within the social good community in 30 countries, we’re dedicated to helping organizations grow stronger and achieve their missions.


How did you choose the name GiveSmart?
Ahh, branding. Always a tough choice. We opted for the name that best explains how the product helps organizations and their donors. It helps them GIVE more SMARTly. GiveSmart helps organizations raise more money, administer giving programs with ease, and engage donors in a fun, competitive way. The one cause that benefits most is the art of greater giving. We thought that sounded like a pretty smart way to give.


What’s happening to Gesture and 501 Auctions?
The team members and technology features are part of the new, unified GiveSmart brand. You may not see the Gesture and 501 Auctions names as often, but you will see the best of all three together.


What’s next for the GiveSmart solution?
Our competitors keep hitting this page looking for updates to this answer. We have accelerated delivery of our product roadmap and are releasing many new features, helping organizations stay ahead of the mobile expectations donors have and helping individuals give in the manner they prefer. From our recent 2018 Donor Experience Study, 71% of those surveyed have donated on a mobile device during the past year. Donors expect a mobile experience, and charities raise more money when individuals donate through their smartphone. Our team has MANY new initiatives that combine those trends, so stay tuned. You’ll be sure to see advancements that allow you to create even more rewarding digital experiences at your events. You’ll find lots of new info on this site. Check it out, and give us a shout.



Core Plans Catered for You


Best-of-breed technology backed by comprehensive online training and support. Fully manage your event fundraising efforts and get your staff and volunteers up to speed with unlimited access to self-service training resources, including our online training academy, best practices, and additional tools within our client knowledgebase. As needed, technical end user support is available via email, phone, and chat during regular support hours.


Next-level assistance for shared event execution. Let our staff help you plan and execute your fundraising event. Our seasoned team will consult on best practices and planning of your event, and provide one-to-many onboarding sessions to prepare your staff and volunteers. On the day of, our fully-trained event staff will work in conjunction with your staff and volunteers to ensure a seamless and successful event.


World-class event management for complete peace of mind. Rest assured that your event will be a success with top-of-the-line support from beginning to end. Your dedicated Customer Success Manager will provide initial consulting on best practices and planning of your event, as well as hands-on, one-to-one onboarding for your staff and volunteers. On your event day, your Customer Success Manager or Senior Representative will be onsite, personally overseeing the execution of the event, backed by our team of our professionally-trained fundraising staff.

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