Payment Processing

Payment Processing

Better business practices

We’re all for thinking outside the box with our technology, but when it comes to money, we play by the book.

Let's Be Clear

Ever wonder where your money goes after it’s been collected? With some companies, the answer to that question is very murky. At GiveSmart it’s crystal clear.

All of the proceeds from your event are collected and protected in a designated trust account. You can access the status of your funds at any time and have the money released to you in less than a week.

Of course, our payment platform is fully PCI compliant. So every time a guests uses a credit card at an event run by GiveSmart, their data, identity and payment are 100% secure. Guaranteed.

10 Day Payment Promise

10 Day Payment Promise

We take your money very seriously. To that end, we secure, collect and protect all payments made at your event, give you open access to all the numbers, and release funds in as little as ten days.

PCI Compliant

Mobilize Your Donors. Expedite Your Fundraising.

We think like donors and fundraising teams.
We are constantly innovating to make giving easier
and event management and administration more efficient.

We’ve anticipated whatever you need with a platform that simplifies every step, collects data and integrates all of that information into one easy-to-understand dashboard.
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Allow guests to bid or donate with any type of mobile phone. By incorporating text and mobile bidding, events instantly become more interactive and exciting.
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Far from the do-it-yourself approach of some providers, GiveSmart doesn’t just produce amazing technology; we produce amazing experiences for your guests.
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