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Integrated online ticketing, auction registration & item catalogue

If you're ready to boost ticket sales to your event, then GiveSmart's online system is…(ahem)…the ticket! With every online ticket sold, our system also captures and integrates purchase information with registration details and bidding activity.

How It Works:

We'll design a ticketing site - branded with your logo, colors, and personalized url - that offers a wide range
of user-friendly options.

Based on your event specifics, we'll include ticket and sponsorship packages at different levels. To drive sales, we'll develop promotional codes and incentives you can offer your guests. You can even opt to include menu selections or dietary requirements for your guests to choose from.

Guests pay securely and easily with a credit card, and their purchase is added to the real-time sales report on your online dashboard.



Take your sales to a level you never dreamed of with our unique online purchase service. You’ll sell more tickets directly and easily to your guests and offer a multitude of convenient features that will boost transactions for your event.

You can offer your guests the option to buy multiple tickets in multiple price brackets as well as the convenience of selecting dietary requirements with ticket purchase, should your event involve a plated meal. You will be able to capture detailed purchase information, such as who bought tickets, how many and at what cost, and integrate purchase information with a guest’s registration details and bidding activity.

Each of these online elements are not just designed to impress your guests. They also allow you to gain valuable understanding of how total funds raised break down by ticket sales, auction bids and donations, giving you valuable information for future events.

Fully Branded Event Website

Customized to reflect your brand. Tailored to address your goals. We provide one-of-a-kind websites, complete with personalized weblinks.

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10 Day Payment Promise

10 Day Payment Promise

We take your money very seriously. To that end, we secure, collect and protect all payments made at your event, give you open access to all the numbers, and release funds in as little as ten days.

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Mobilize Your Donors. Expedite Your Fundraising.

We think like donors and fundraising teams.
We are constantly innovating to make giving easier
and event management and administration more efficient.

We’ve anticipated whatever you need with a platform that simplifies every step, collects data and integrates all of that information into one easy-to-understand dashboard.
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Allow guests to bid or donate with any type of mobile phone. By incorporating text and mobile bidding, events instantly become more interactive and exciting.
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Far from the do-it-yourself approach of some providers, GiveSmart doesn’t just produce amazing technology; we produce amazing experiences for your guests.
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