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Check Out

A Flawless Finish

An easy, elegant conclusion to any event, our electronic check out process sends your guests home with the minimum fuss. Guests who pre-swiped their cards at registration enjoy the ultimate convenience -to simply leave when they want.

How It Works:

As soon as the silent auction closes, your guests receive a notification for any items they’ve won. They can elect to pay with a pre-authorized credit card on file, with a new card that they simply enter into their mobile phones, or in person with a GiveSmart Customer Service Representative.

When the payment is approved, guests immediately receive a text and email receipt of their purchase.

A centralized redemption screen lets you know when items are paid for and can be released to the winners. 


The most frustrating part of an auction is often the checkout, which can become clogged with payment issues or slow-moving guests. GiveSmart makes waiting in long lines and writing or printing out tedious paper receipts a thing of the past with our easy and convenient electronic check out process.

Our system allows guests to pay for auction items with the swipe of a credit card rather than scrambling for cash or writing out a check. We capture all payment information electronically and even offer guests convenience of paying via mobile anywhere and anytime throughout the event.

This doesn’t just eliminate long checkout lines though; it allows us to assemble detailed payment reports quickly and easily. You can see exactly who paid for what and when with integrated payment and registration information.

With all of this data, you will be able to clearly see how close you are to your fundraising goals as well as identifying which bidders have earned VIP status with their support. As for your guests, all they will talk about is the favorable impression you made at the end of your event by making checkout a breeze.


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Prompt, Precise & Paperless

Avoid the dreaded end-of-the-night line to pay for auction items. Our innovative payment software let’s guests pay easily and securely from the tablet or directly from their mobile phone.

 Your team will know who has paid for which items in record time. It’s very fast, very secure, very user-friendly technology that improves your bottom line. 

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We think like donors and fundraising teams.
We are constantly innovating to make giving easier
and event management and administration more efficient.

We’ve anticipated whatever you need with a platform that simplifies every step, collects data and integrates all of that information into one easy-to-understand dashboard.
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Allow guests to bid or donate with any type of mobile phone. By incorporating text and mobile bidding, events instantly become more interactive and exciting.
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Far from the do-it-yourself approach of some providers, GiveSmart doesn’t just produce amazing technology; we produce amazing experiences for your guests.
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