Mobile Bidding

Mobile Bidding

Easy-to-use, Exciting and Engaging

Never rely on pens and sign-up sheets for your silent auction again when GiveSmart’s mobile bidding solutions can put your guests in a bidding war! Our mobile bidding software allows users to bid via text message or on our GiveSmart app, transforming your silent event into a fundraising marathon.

Intelligent Mobile Bidding

GiveSmart’s smart, engaging, and flexible mobile bidding solution delivers many industry-leading benefits. By ensuring that our technology works seamlessly on any type of mobile phone, we make it familiar, fun and easy to adopt. With any type of mobile phone, your guests can browse auction items, place bids, and pay for their items with the tap of a finger. Should any guest feel technologically-challenged, our friendly Customer Service Representatives will be by their sides to offer hands-on assistance at any time. The entire process — browsing, bidding, and paying — is streamlined from start to finish. Plus, GiveSmart will customize the design of our app to reflect your organization’s branding or highlight your valuable sponsors. All of these features add up to the most important benefit of all—more money raised for your charity.
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Very Smart Mobile Bidding

Rock Solid Reliability

GiveSmart's mobile bidding solution has the best track record in the industry for reliability and security - because we plan for any situation.

In the event of a poor cell signal due to location, our cell signal repeaters provide the necessary coverage to keep everything running smoothly.

This preparation means that we have provided uninterrupted mobile bidding service for 3 years and counting at over 1,500 events - and yours could be the next success story.

Rock Solid Reliability

Instant Outbid Notifications

Forget making anyone learn how to work a new device or application! Your guests can easily place their bids as as simply as they would say hello to a friend - via text messages. All your patrons need to do to bid on an item is send the amount and item number to our dedicated SMS number that we provide upon check-in. Each guest is then alerted immediately if he or she is outbid - it really couldn’t be any simpler! These instant text notifications on who’s winning help stimulate competition and increase participation from supporters who have left or weren’t able to attend the event, pushing your charity closer to its fundraising goal every time a patron hits “send.”  
Instant Outbid Notifications
Raise Money Before & After Your Event

Raise Money Before & After Your Event

Whether your guests are enjoying your black-tie event or across the ocean in another country, they now have the ability to place bids or donate regardless of their location, dramatically increasing the earning potential of your fundraiser. To help build this momentum among your supporters, no matter where they are, you have the option to open an auction days, weeks or even months before your fundraiser. You have the freedom to run auctions day or night, indoors or out, domestically or internationally; you have the flexibility to create a scenario that works best for your fundraising goals.  

We're Here To Help

Our bidding platform is as easy as it is engaging to use. In case of any questions, our customer service reps are always at
hand to provide friendly and prompt assistance. Guests may even submit a help request via the iPad.

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