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Kenny Wall

Kenny Wall

Kenny Wall

Chief Operating Officer

Kenny Wall joined GiveSmart™ in 2013 as a former licensee of the GiveSmart™ technology.  Kenny took pride in learning the market from an operations standpoint while focusing on the wants and needs of the customer. Dedicated to customer experience and satisfaction, he was determined to meet the client’s needs. The leading auction technology in the world acted as an accelerant that he and his business partner, CJ Orrico, wanted to provide to their clients in addition to “old fashion great customer service”.

Kenny and CJ made the decision to no longer license the GiveSmart™ technology and instead merge their service entity with GiveSmart™. This merger created a synergistic approach that allowed GiveSmart™ to meet the needs of the customer in a consistent manner from year to year. Through the merger Kenny was appointed Chief Operating Officer and Logistics/Chief Human Resources Development Officer and currently works in the Atlanta Corporate Headquarters.

Prior to the merger and current role as COO of GiveSmart™, Kenny entered the industry as a founding partner of Global AuctionsByCellular and Managing Partner of SOTD DBA AuctionsByCellular in March of 2011.  Focused on customers, Kenny built the operating and event management model from its inception to design and roll out.  His day-to-day role was similar to his current focus of customer quality and satisfaction, operations and event management, training, logistics and personal development of all GiveSmart™ employees.

Prior to entering the industry, Kenny was a Military Intelligence Officer in the United States Army. Leading from the front, Kenny’s dynamic leadership took on operational duties and responsibilities, where he lead and directed five separate companies, consisting of over 2,500 personnel, with operational intelligence in the one of the highest contested areas on the battlefield in Afghanistan.

Single-handedly chosen over all other officers to deploy early to liaise with intelligence agencies from all over the world, Kenny established the initial forward Stryker Brigade intelligence and operational footprint for over 5,000 US Combat troops in 6 separate districts. Kenny was deployed to Afghanistan for 14 months where he was awarded the Bronze Star for Meritorious Service in exceeding duties and responsibilities in high-pressure environments.

It was this experience where Kenny became a critical thinker open to alternative views to optimize decision-making. Now focusing on operational excellence, his past proficiencies play a large role in providing the customer an experience they will never forget.

Kenny takes pride in surrounding himself with intelligent, whole-heartedly people, one of which is his wife. In his free time he enjoys travelling, meeting new people, and sports. Lives by the motto “Positive Mental Attitude!”

Earned a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree, Business Marketing, at The University of Iowa, Iowa City.

Our Management Team

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qode interactive strata
  • Online ticketing
  • Paperless registration & checkout
  • Customized fundraising website
  • Active and accurate donor management
  • Integrated registration, buyer, donor, and payment information
We’ve anticipated whatever you need with a platform that simplifies every step, collects data and integrates all of that information into one easy-to-understand dashboard.
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qode interactive strata
  • Makes any phone a bidding/donating device
  • Real-time outbid alerts and customizable leaderboards
  • Bid/donate from anywhere
  • Secure payment processing
  • Increases participation and raises more
Allow guests to bid or donate with any type of mobile phone. By incorporating text and mobile bidding, events instantly become more interactive and exciting.
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qode interactive strata
  • Comprehensive service and support before, during, and after
  • Expert event production
  • Dedicated Event Coordinator per event
  • More hands-on help at event
Far from the do-it-yourself approach of some providers, GiveSmart doesn’t just produce amazing technology; we produce amazing experiences for your guests.
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